Local Selling Tips

  The only constant is change and nothing could be more true about the California Real Estate market.  After a sharp decline in values from 2008 to about 2012 our values have continued to increase.  In the first half 2013 our real estate market values started an aggressive recovery mainly due to low prices, many investors buying in our area, and low interest rates.  Many factors contribute to an areas value including employment and available housing.  Real Estate has always been driven by supply and demand.  Since 2016 our area has seen lower inventory which has continued to drive prices up.   The lack of new construction mainly due to the extreme regulations imposed by our local cities and the state has contributed to our lack of available housing.  The availability of work force housing is a real issue.  Over the past several years I have received several designations and completed many classes regarding distressed properties and creative marketing.  If you need to sell, call me.  I can help you with the process and help you achieve the best results.